Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones

Free State of JonesSo, Free State of Jones..
I hadn’t even heard of this movie save for my wife who kept asking me again and again about going to see it. Nonetheless, out we went. I didn’t watch a trailer (my preferred method of watching movies, so I don’t know what to expect). I only knew Matthew McConaughey was in it (and yes, I had to look up the spelling of his last name). I can’t recall a bad movie he’s ever done.
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This was no different. It’s based on a true story, taking place over a period of time from 1862-1876, during the American Civil War and beyond. It explores serving in the military, politics, slavery, and more. Plenty of action a la Braveheart and The Patriot, as well as comedy, tender moments, suspense, and did I say action? Yes, lots of it.

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  1. Okay… you have given me inspiration to turn my piles of Heather ross into fun and exciting quilts!!! I can’t recall how I found you (from someone else’s site, I do remember that… ) but when I saw your cute quilts I became a follower. You inspire me to finish something. So, in a year… let’s see where I am!!!!

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