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Cinemaniacs Episode 20

June 28, 2008 Walt 1

Walt, Jeff, and the lovely Lisa remorse the passing of George Carlin. Then, it’s Colin Farrell week! In Bruges and Cassandra’s Dream get reviewed. Finally, […]

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Cinemaniacs Episode 19

June 21, 2008 Walt 0

Walt, Jeff, Lisa, and John lament the passing of the great stop-motion animator Stan Winston. They then go over the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top […]

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Cinemaniacs Episode 18

June 14, 2008 Walt 0

Walt and Lisa, Jeff and John, all join in to talk about Iron Man, Rambo, and What Happens in Vegas. They review next summer’s big […]

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Cinemaniacs Episode 17

June 7, 2008 Walt 0

You’re listening to the Cinemaniacs, your weekly podcast about movie news, reviews and whatever we choose! This week, Walt, Jeff, and Lisa talk about the […]